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Morrison Pump Company specializes in the design and state of the art manufacture of high capacity water pumps. Our pumps are the leading water pumps used in flood control, stormwater pumping, water and wastewater treatment, aquaculture, irrigation and drainage, environmental water management, and much more. Morrison Axial Flow and Mixed Flow Pumps offer a wide range of hydraulic coverage and are known for their high efficiency, durability and longevity.

We manufacture lineshaft pumps in vertical, slant or horizontal configuration including axial flow pumps or propeller pumps, mixed flow pumps, floating pumps, and special custom designed pumps. We manufacture water pumps for municipal and industrial applications, as well as agriculture and aquaculture markets. Morrison Pumps are built for longevity and reliability, and have the highest efficiencies in the industry. Our pumps have set the industry standard, leading the way with innovative and environmentally conscious design. Standard Morrison Pumps use no oil or grease and are built for continuous duty operation.

Morrison Pump Company is committed to design and manufacture of the most innovative and highest quality pump equipment. From vertical lineshaft pumps to floating pump stations, all Morrison Pumps are implemented with our ISO Quality Management System and pump specifications implemented in accordance with ASME, ISO, ASTM, ANSI/Hydraulic Institute, and the US Army Corps of Engineers technical standards.

In support of our pumps to our clients, we also offer a wide range of services including engineering services, factory pump performance testing, field services and training, project management, and maintenance & repair services.

Contact us for more information about our pump products and services by calling us at (954) 922-5880 today. We look forward to supplying all of your water pump needs in the USA, Canada, Latin America, and across the globe.

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