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Basics of the Lineshaft Pump

Lineshaft pumps are rotodynamic pumps driven be extended rotating shafts, and per Hydraulic Institute (ANSI/HI), continuously imparting energy to the pumped fluid by means of a rotating impeller, propeller, or rotor. Lineshaft pumps are axial flow, mixed flow or radial flow impeller pump types, which can be driven by electric motors or internal combustion engines. All vertical lineshaft pumps are sometimes referred to a vertical turbine pumps.

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Pumped Up Performance

Man has been using pumps of varying kinds for over 4000 years. The ancient Egyptians’ invention of the “shadoof” in 2000 BC was the start of the large-scale use of pumps for agricultural industry, and we haven’t looked back. Pumps today are found in hundreds of different applications in the municipal, industrial, agricultural and aquaculture arenas.

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