Morrison Pump Company is committed providing various technical services in order to support our products and more importantly, our clients. Our professional staff of engineers and technicians offer a wide range of services including factory pump performance testing, sump modeling, dynamic analysis, vibration testing, installation supervision, and more.

Engineering Services

Our professional staff of Engineers offers a wide range of Engineering Services that include Pump Station 3D Modeling, Detailed System Integration Drawings, Lateral and Torsional Dynamic Analysis of Rotating Elements, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical Simulation, System Design, Energy Optimization, and detailed Material Analysis. Morrison Pump Company can provide the engineering resources to support not only our products, but more importantly our clients. Preventative engineering and system integration support will maximize long term performance while increasing reliability of the pump equipment and systems.

Factory Pump Performance Testing

Morrison Pump Company offers factory certified pump performance testing at our Open Sump Testing Facility. All pump performance testing is in compliance with ANSI/HI 2.6 and ASME PTC 18.1. Test Plans detail test configuration, procedure and compliance with the Hydraulic Institute and industry standards. Test Results include Certified Pump Performance Curves. Physical Hydraulic Model Studies are also available to analyze pump station intake design, highlighting any potential adverse hydraulic phenomena while offering recommendations for improvement.

Project Management

Major Pump Station Projects require a hands-on approach from Morrison Pump Company throughout the design and construction phases. Project Management Services can be offered directly from Morrison Pump Company in certain markets providing support in engineering design reviews, specification analysis, systems integration, and technical compliance submittal review, along with Morrison Engineering and Field Services. The proper planning, coordination and control of a Pumping Station Project from inception to completion is aimed at meeting the client's requirements in order to produce a successful project, and a fully effective and operating Morrison Pump System.

Field Services & Training

Morrison Engineers and Field Service Technicians can provide field services to assist during the installation, start-up, and testing of your Morrison Pumps. Directly or through a local factory authorized representative, qualified and experienced pump professionals are available. Services offered include Installation Supervision, Pump Start-Up, Commissioning Verification and Testing, Equipment Vibration Analysis Testing, Thermography, Field Performance Testing, and more. On-Site Operations and Maintenance Training and Field Service Contracts are available.

Maintenance & Spare Parts

Morrison repair facilities and factory authorized service centers are located worldwide to quickly and efficiently maintain and service your pump systems to ensure they are operating at their optimum at all times. Backed by our full design, engineering and factory resources, our local representatives can provide local maintenance service, repair and parts. To ensure the best fit and long serviceable life to your Morrison Pump, we offer original factory certified parts. These are built to the original high tolerances and specifications of your pump system. Standard items are maintained in stock. Long term maintenance contracts are available.