Floating Pump Stations are completely self-contained and free-floating pump stations engineered for continuous duty applications. These stations include a high-efficiency Morrison Pump, power transmission system, engine or motor driver, and structural/floatation assembly. Floating pumps may be permanent or emergency stations that eliminate the need for major civil works.

Morrison "Floating Pumps” models are fully engineered products, designed and manufactured by Morrison Pump Company.

The Morrison "Floating Solution" Pump Station is engineered and manufactured by Morrison Pump Company. It's unique design provides high capacity pumping under low submergence applications, allows for stability even during full operation, while maintaining portability due to its ease of installation and compact design.

Morrison Floating Pump Stations can be engine or electric motor driven, and have several standard power transmission options for our client's specific operational requirements. Stainless steel impellers, removable decking, and closed-cell floatation are some of the standard features making the FS pump station a durable and maintainable pump system. Multiple FS Pump Stations can be fastened together to provide multiple unit floating barges.